Since 2000 in the world of Fitness 

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Maximilian Arcidiaco

Born in  Parma
Dental Technician diploma

Personal Trainer, Fitness Presenter, Founder and Creator of Thai Fit® Italia, Hiit Instructor, Training System, Functional Training, Morning Flow ,.
He approaches martial disciplines at the age of 8 studying Tang Soo Do, winning the green belt, and dedicating himself to oriental martial arts.

 At the age of 20 he switched to combat sports studying Muay Thai and Kick Boxing with different masters in the gyms of Parma and Bologna. 

In 2001 he met his teacher, who directed him into a world different from that of traditional martial arts to which Maximilian was used: the world of Fitness. Here he has the opportunity to blend martial arts and dance and has the opportunity to enter Reebok University, where he attends and completes the "Fighting Bags" course.

 In 2002, again at Reebok University, he obtained a diploma for the discipline of "Cardio Kickboxing". 

In 2003 he took part in the "Martial Arts" course and, again in the same year, he took part in the specialization sessions in "AeroKickboxe". 

In 2004, in Moncalieri (TO), he acquired the title of instructor for the "Wu Shu for Fitness" discipline. 

At the beginning of 2005 he obtained the title of instructor specialized in kombat for Fitness.

 From 2009 to 2010 he collaborated with the Fitness First SPA company as a trainer for shoot exercise courses (fit-boxing) throughout Italy. 

In 2011 he created, patented and registered a fitness format, "THAI FIT®", which day after day with so much Passion and Sacrifices manages to present it at the fitness fair in Rimini and Rome, giving life to rich master classes in the Italian territory and first THAI FIT® training courses. 

In 2011 he was invited to present at national level a Thai Fit® master class in Mirabilandia for the inauguration of the new Master Thai attraction. 

In 2012 he created two other fitness formats, THAI FIT® KOMBAT and THAI FIT® SHAO, also in this year the Thai fit® format was chosen to participate in the Vitasnella Fit Convention national tour, performing in the most important sports halls in Italy (Rome, Turin, Rimini Wellness etc.). Thai Fit® is selected in various Conventions throughout Italy by Bibione Beach Fitness, Aquafitness Day in Florence, FSB Show in Udine, Winter Park in Turin, Rimini Wellness ... and many others. 

September 2013 Thai Fit® leaves Italy to be presented by the Master Trainer Maximilian at the fitness fair in Barcelona. 

October 2013 organizes for the first time in Italy, in Parma, the Kombat Fitness Convention with the second edition held in November 2014 and the third in October 2015 and the fourth in 2016.

 June 2014 in RIMINI WELLNESS, in addition to the other three terrestrial formats, the new aquatic format "THAI FIT®WATER" was presented in national and world exclusive at the EAA stage, with the support of the Master Trainer and Presenter Silvia Senati.

In 2015 -16 Thai Fit® Water arrives overseas (FLORIDA - BRAZIL - AUSTRALIA) and in Europe (PORTUGAL - NETHERLANDS - RUSSIA) together with Master Trainer Silvia Senati 

In 2018 he starts studying Functional and creates Functional Thai Fit which he presents in Bibione Beach Fitness 

In 2018 he began the collaboration with Street Workout Italia, after having brought the Street in 12 Italian cities, he became one of the Top National Trainers. 

In 2019 he became a personal trainer and began studying various specialized bodyweight disciplines (Hiit, Training System, Functional Training) After years of work he has trained more than 600 THAI FIT® ITALIA instructors in Italy and around the world, making his brand known in 200 gyms throughout Italy and more than 30 gyms all over the world.